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First days in the jungle …

Living in the jungle is amazing. After more then eight months in Asia I am finally got to breath clean air and the green in overwhelming.

To get to the Subliming Eco Village we started by taking the spear boat from the Temburong boat jetty. The driver handled the boat as it was a car rally through the river during the 45 minutes drive. When we arrived to Barang, Jan was waiting for us and drove us the last 16 kilometres. I think we were all a bit nervous about my first meeting with the local staff since I am their first workaway volunteer at the village. But they were all very kind to me and made me feel welcome.

There were a group of three overnight guests when I arrived. Later in the evening they were going on a night tour and I was invited to join them. What a way to start my stay here. Never could I have imagined how beautiful the jungle is when it is dark. We saw glowing mushrooms, geckos, tiny birds sleeping under big leafs, spiders, snakes, frogs and a lot of other small animals I unfortunately don’t know the name of.

So many impressions during one day made me sleep like a baby. When I slept. The jungle is definitely not quiet. On the contrary it is very noisy. In a good way. But it was all new to me and the first night at a new place my sleep is always a bit unsettled.

It got really dark. Unfortunately it was raining yesterday evening so I didn’t get to see the stars, but I guess with no light pollution it must be beautiful. When I woke up this morning the orchestra was already playing, singing. So many different sounds. The locals can identify every sound, to me it is just an orchestra playing. Now I can at least hear the difference between a gecko and a lizard.

After breakfast I had the pleasure of joining the group on one of the tours. It was a seven kilometres walk through muddy paths and crossing streams. The guide showed us plants used as medicine, as mosquito repellent, poison ones, ones used for making the fish dizzy so they are easier to catch and much much more. Four hours up and down on slippery paths. Refreshing and amazing. Back at the camp we were served the most delicious lunch.

I lived in a small village when I was a little girl but since then I’ve only lived in cities. That means you go to the food store and buy what you need to prepare you food. Here you can get most of your food from the jungle. When going on the tour today I realised the amount of knowledge the locals have on how the jungle works and how they generation after generation have past this knowledge on. And there is a lot of it.

Anyway, after lunch I started working. All the rubber shoes the guests use when walking in the jungle were all muddy and dirty so I washed them all. I cleared som areas from things that were not supposed to be there. Me at had been away with the long boat to collect wood so I moved it all to the barbecue area. Some sinks needed a make over and little here and little there and working in this hot and very humid environment takes its tolls. The shower was much needed. Cold water. But if one waits until the afternoon the water tank has been warmed up by the sun and the water gets just that wonderful temperature.

Life in the jungle is diverse and completely different from anything I have experienced previously and I am looking forward to explore more.

Now me, Tupai, Ezz, Jeffrey, Minah, Magat, Brian and Yan are listening to my music and talking. Sharing. Questions are asked and answers are listened to. We are all curious of our lives. We joke and laugh and enjoy each others company while the orchestra is playing out there in the dark.

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  1. Så spännande vad du är tuff ?kram

  2. Tack Lotta. Ja, det är spännande. Speciellt eftersom alla här får mig att känna mig som en i familjen. Kram till dig.

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