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Finding yourself …

You go find yourself on your travels.

That is a line from a message I got from a friend. She wasn’t angry with me she said. Just being disappointed. Those words were not written with love. And definitely not backed up with knowledge. Neither about me or what traveling is about.

I have been on the road for eight months now. I have met so many people, seen so many places and had so many conversations. One of the things I have learned is that …

… if you don’t know who you are before you start traveling you will definitely not ‘find yourself’ on the road …

I am currently in Bali. The Mecca of yoga. Well, appart from India that is. Those two places are like magnets for people who feel the need to find themselves. The health industry, appart from the drug industry, is probably the one most prosperous today. Encouraged by people who will tell you what you need to become Happy, Successfull and more Beautiful. They tell us that we need to have all that in order to be happy and content with our lives. But, do we?

I like the Buddhistic way of thinking about Constructing Yourself. What kind of person do I want to be and then act accordingly.

But that is the difficult way of doing it. It takes time, it takes a lot of reflection on your own behaviour and it takes guts to sometimes admit that your actions were not that good and wise and to be brave enough to correct yourself.

Being kind and compassionate is always a winning way. In order to practice that you need to interact with other people. That means you have to go outside yourself and start seeing people around you. Start observing, having conversations, asking questions. Most of all it is about listening to what is said to you and trying to put yourself into that persons situation without judging.

Finding yourself is easier if you don’t constantly focus on yourself and your wellbeing. Finding yourself is never about consuming, having more or better. Finding yourself will never occur without stepping out of your comfort zone. Finding yourself is about being the best you right here right now and not letting fear of the unknown be your guide.

So, what have I learned after travelling these past eight months? Have I found myself?

I have talked to fellow travellers and to locals and  I have realised that we all have issues. We are all lost at times. We all try to find answers. We are all the same but we live under different conditions. We are all facing difficulties. No one will ever go through life without experiencing struggles. No one. So perhaps it is all about how we deal with the obstacles that come our way. Either we let them define us or we concure them. There is always a choise. Doesn’t mean it’s easy. But there is always a choise.

My past week has been amazing. I was fortunate to meet some interesting women and we have had conversations that left me filled with warmth. Soon our paths will part but those women will stay with me forever. One of them sent me a message that made me extremely happy.

ps. Love your Instagram! All the little stories under the pictures are really inspirational. I can read that you travel with your heart. ds.

Thank you Amina. It takes one to know one. I don’t need to find myself more than that.

And as Leyre says. Eat Well and Travel Often.

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  1. Love this!! Great reflection on the topic of finding yourself!

  2. Thank you Natalie! I really appreciate your comment. I know you mean it and not saying just because you’re my daughter ❤️

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  4. Du är för söt Ulf! Glad att du gillar min text. All good!

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