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… a new and empty passport …

One day it just happened. I sort of surprised myself and did it. The thought wasn’t new to me but to actually do it?

Tuesday I quit my job, Wednesday I wrote an add renting out my apartment and a week later the contract was signed.

I’ve prepare a lot already. The apartment is sorted, I’ve had a lot of different vaccine shots against almost anything, I’ve got myself a brand new passport, insurance for the three fist months. Most of the important issues are sorted.

I have decided to leave 2 November 2016 and be back 30 October 2017. That is 365 days. The general idea is to go somewhere and find work. There are several world wide organisations where you get food and accommodation in exchange for working a fix amount of hours five days a week. And I’m more than happy to do what ever is needed doing. Hopefully that will give me the opportunity to get closer to the locals, to get to know everyday life and the people. I love that about traveling.

The question mark left is Where to start. East or west. I’ll figure that out.

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3 thoughts on “… a new and empty passport …

  1. Hello! I’m so surprised and very happy to know that you have made this choice. The life is very fast and we need to do what we want to do. From now on, I’ll always be here to follow you in this amazing trip. You won’t be alone! You’re such a amazing woman and I admire your courage and braveness. A huge hug from Brazil! Patricia LLorente

  2. Thank you for your kind words Patricia. I must confess, at one point when thinking of where to go, I was actually considering coming visit you. I might do that on my way home. Lots of love to you!!!

  3. That’d be great! You’ll be always welcome here! Please, cherish the idea of coming here before going home. I’ll be very glad to host you here!!!

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