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Drugs in India …

I got the flu. Every muscle and every joint in my body is aching. It hurts so much I’m lying in my bed almost crying, comparing this pain with giving birth. Either I got a man-flu or it is as bad as it feels.

This was a few days ago. The flu hit me fast and furious and from one second to next I knew I had to go home. A friend helped me cancel that day’s social engagements and I started walking home, legs feeling like spaghetti, breath shallow, nose blocked and head being dizzy. I stopped by the convenient store for some food and the medical store for some nasal spray.

The body is an amazing living mechanism. It has so many intelligent functions. After all, it has survived for hundreds of thousands of years. The human body sometimes malfunctions but if you look at its history one might say it has survived many attacks. Bugs and germs and viruses, all vicious and ugly and yet, humans continue to inhabit planet earth.

One of the secrets is that to an extent the body can fight its enemies. Like a flu virus or a bacteria. That is what happens when the body responds with fever. Fever above 38 degrees for a certain amount of time is needed for the body to fight the enemy.. So this is what I am going to do. I will let my body do the work while I feed it with food and sleep. No other medications required. For now.

But my blocked nose needs some help so I enter the medical store and ask for some. Oh, yes, the man behind the counter has the brand I’m asking for and we both smile with relief and happiness. And while I am there I can’t restrain myself from asking him, I might as well since I have read so much about it. The issue that makes some people in India and some people overseas extremely rich.

Drugs sold over the counter not needing a prescription. At least not in India. Drugs like antibiotics as one example. So I ask the man in the Medical shop, how does it work here in India, do you sell antibiotics over the counter, not needing a prescription from a doctor?

Well, yes, of course, he says. For most people in India, it is very expensive to see a doctor. Instead, they can come and buy the antibiotic straight away, he says with a proud voice.

India is, unfortunately, The country when it comes to usage of antibiotics. The meat industry is pumping the worst ones into the cattle stock that ends up on someone’s plate and on top of that the use of antibiotics when people here are self-medicating is huge. If this wasn’t enough, there are tons of cleaning products in the convenient store labelled ‘antibacterial’. Either you want to clean your floor or your face, in India people buy these antibacterial products which in the long run ruins our immune system. India’s population is on the verge of a catastrophe. But hey, why bother, when keeping the population uneducated in the matter makes some people very rich.

This is the consequence of some people, companies, feeding on other peoples fears.

Overusage of antibiotics and antibacterials is a global issue not been taken seriously enough and not being informed about enough. Antibiotics and antibacterials also kill the good bacterias, the good ones that keep us in shape. Physically and mentally. So while one industry is feeding on our fears, the fear of being sick, by promoting us to kill bacterias in order to cure, a new industry is flourishing by selling us bacterias to add to our bodies. The saviour, The Probiotic. A paradox.

Anyway, I am much better now. I am hungry, which is a good sign. Now I will have breakfast. Good morning and have a beautiful day to you all.

And stay away from antibiotics and antibacterials as much as possible. Only use them when really needed. Never as a precaution. If you are a meat eater you probably should try adding more beans into your diet and decrease your intake of meat.