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Don’t be an internet martyr …

I use technology and internet. I love technology and internet. It has opened a door to making my life so much easier in many ways.

One thing I used to struggle with throughout my childhood was my writing skills. One was supposed to acquire beautiful handwriting and correct spelling in school. I struggled and I always failed. Pencils weren’t aloud. Only pens. Any mistake I did were uncorrectable, even if I detected it, and forever visible. I was advised to get a pen pal. My teacher advised my parents to get me a pen pal so I could practice my writing. Didn’t go very well. I stopped writing.

The keyboard and autocorrection are my two best friends when writing. I love them both so much.

Traveling. I love it. Going to places I’ve never been, walking the streets, exploring. The problem is that I lack the sense for direction and I always get lost. Even in my own city. Not a big deal one might think but it always brought a sense of insecurity wherever I went. People have always been king giving me good directions and still I get lost. Paper maps you get at tourist informations are never completely accurate and I never find my way.

Technology brought me smartphones with GPS and maps. has become my best friend when traveling. This friend has never failed me. Even the tiniest path is marked on the map and I can always find my way back.

Social media has brought me easy accessible knowledge. Facebook is great in that aspect. I get the latest news in all my areas of interest and I can keep up with news from all over the world. If I am interested in getting deeper into a subject there are other platforms to use. And lately there has been discussions about making all research data public. Brilliant. We now have any knowledge we want in the palm of our hand.

My smartphone helps me a lot with different things. I do my banking, find my way, book tickets and accommodations, communicate with family and friends, keep track of my budget, writing and reading, listen to music,  photography and so much more. If it had been able to make me a cup of coffee in the morning it would have been the ultimate device in my life.

I use my smartphone a lot. The thing I use it for more than anything else is photography. Everyday I go on a photowalk, roaming the streets and taking photos. Then I go for coffee or tea and edit my photos. And almost everyday a stranger approaches me telling me how smartphones and internet disconnect us from human interaction, how bad it is for us, how addicted people are to this internet and that I should talk to people instead. They also tell me they are not on Facebook because they don’t want people to know what they had for breakfast. As if Facebook do that posting without them knowing it. Others tell me how they wish they didn’t spend so much time online. As if online is holding them hostage at gunpoint. And most people that tell me how bad it is for me and the entire human race are the ones that have the least clue how to use technology and internet.

I am not held hostage by Internet or Mr Online. I go there because I choose to. And in no way am I unique in that aspect. Every person having access to internet are using it for different reasons. Some because of their interest or hobby, some because they are bored, some try to find the meaning of life and others want to help us find the meaning of life.

Every time we pick up our smartphones to use them it is because we chose to do it and because we allow ourselves to. We are not without willpower and we are no martyrs in the land of Internet.

We can’t take the easy way out and blame Internet for our own behaviour.

An hour ago I paired my smartphone with my external keyboard and wrote this text. Now I’ll take my smartphone out for a photowalk. What will you do with yours?

Oh, and I also had a coupler of interesting conversations with real human beings.