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Don’t be silent …

The past few days have been emotional. Things change. Life chinges. It is a very Buddhistic thinking to which I can lean on. But one is never prepared for bad changes.

Like when one male steals a truck and with full power rams innocent people. This happened in my country three days ago. In my country. A country free from such events. At least that is what we all want  to think or believe, that each and everyones country should be free from such events.

So it happens, it is a tragedy, lives of innocent are put to an end in a cruel way, people are hurt. And then comes the emotions.

Chock. Mourning. Fear.

Fear is probably the worst felling.  Fear and Ignorance in combination can be fatal.

The only way I could follow the tragedy was through media and social media. Everyone in the hostel was involved and worried and listened to the news flowing in. But what to believe, what was rumours and what was facts was difficult to decipher.

Some people knew who to blame. They also knew what to do with the ones to blame. They were to blame for doing this and some other They were to blame for not preventing what happened. Easy solutions born out of fear and ignorance.

Today, while I was having breakfast far far away from home I was thinking of all the good things that arised from this tragedy.

  • People opened their homes to stranded strangers.
  • Restaurants delivering food to people in need all for free.
  • Fruit and food and beverages were distributed amongst the police since they had been working many hours straight.
  • Some drove stranded people home since all public transportations were shut down.
  • People passing by helped wounded.
  • Strangers consoling each other.

The hashtag #openstockholm was started by Jenny Nguyen and by that she helped transform what could have been a feeling of being helpless into people feeling strong, courageous and together make a difference. We all know that one single person can not make a change but everyone together can achieve something. And people did. And they kept on showing themselves and the world that together we are strong and powerful and that kindness and compassion will conjure fear and ignorance.

Made me also think of some people I have met and have discussions with during my ongoing travel. This has also happened back home. People warning me for speaking up against injustices, sharing links to articles about wrongdoings in countries I have visited or when I have interfered hostile situations. Don’t do this or don’t say that aloud so you don’t get into trouble.

Silence, or the consequence of silence is what  scares me most.

But even worse is when people tell me they don’t read or inform themselves about certain issues because they don’t want to take a stand. They don’t want to get involved. And by not taking a stand they agree to the injustices.

That is why pink knitted hats and #openstockholm are so important. I’m so proud of my friend Eva Lindberg back home for everyday making her followers on Instagram aware of injustices. I know a lot of people saying social media is bad, it just consumes our time or that it makes us asocial. I don’t agree. Eva is a good example of the fact that we can all do something, raise our voices and point out what needs to be done. What is left to be done. Another example is the Swedish Facebook group #jagärhär (#iamhere) The purpose of the group is to support each other och others when attacked by internet trolls. This is an amazing example on what support is all about. About not being alone.

I’m not a royalist but I have to tip my hat for the Swedish crown princess Victoria. When asked by a journalist the day after the incident in Stockholm How do we go on after this, her answer was


If we want  to live in a kind society kind actions are required. We can’t sit and wait for someone else to make it happen. The only way it is done is by doing it together.

The photo above is of people doing breathing exercises at a yoga class in Varanasi.

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