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Crash course in dorm staying …

A week ago I stayed at a very nice hostel. Very central, easy access to bus station, clean, hot showers, air conditioner, great bed, drapes around the bed for privacy, good wi-fi. Cheap! What more is there to wish for.

I always try to book a bed in mixed dorms. Throughout my travels I have discovered that men are quieter. I will tell you the reasons in a bit. The second thing is that it is easier to get a bed in mixed dorms. Win-Win.

But then suddenly this heavenly place can turn into the place you ended up in because of all your sins. And you never saw that coming. This is the short version of the story.

I check in, the owner showed me to the dorm, we take our shoes of outside the room. There are 8 beds, three including mine are taken, two young men, doing things on their computers and phones. The owner shows me around speaking with a low and quiet voice. He leaves.

The guys follow the owners example for the following 3 days, the door is opened and closed quiet and gentle, no loud speaking, listening to music through headphones, greeting when coming and going. In other words, everything is very civilised and nice. Until one late afternoon when two young women and one young man enters the place. We, the ones who had stayed in that dorm in peace and understanding just looked at each other, big eyes, and we all wished there was this pamphlet we could hand over to them to read. But we didn’t have one, so, here you are. Enjoy.

This crash course in traveling and staying in dorms is dedicated to all of you who need this crash course.

  1. Move slowly and quietly in the room
  2. Don’t make unnecessary noises.
  3. Speak not out loud. Whisper.
  4. Don’t march in the room. Walk quietly.
  5. Packing things in plastic bags will not give you popularity points. Unless you never ever touch these plastic bags,
  6. Plastic bags are noisy. Especially if you try to repack your suitcase at 3 am when the rest of us are still trying to sleep.
  7. Repack your suitcase the evening before you are checking out.
  8. If you are leaving early in the morning make sure to have your clothes, toothbrush and other essentials ready.
  9. Leave the room and bring all your belongings. You can dress outside the room. In the bathroom. Or wherever you like as long as you don’t disturb the rest of us.
  10. turn the sound off on your mobile. That includes all sound that might occur from the mobile. Like the sound from every key stroke. Set a personal message on your Skype account so that your friends know you are in a dorm.
  11. If you want to answer a call on Skype please do that outside the dorm.
  12. If you need to answer a call just tell your friends you can’t talk if you are in the dorm.
  13. If you want or need to talk to your friend, please leave the dorm. There are most likely a common area outside the dorm.
  14. Please don’t turn on the light if you enter the dorm after 11 pm. Flashlights are sold in most convenient stores. Or use the flashlight on your mobile.

For you who need this crash course in dorm staying, please print out and read before next trip.

I can guarantee you will be remembered as the nice fellow traveler. Good Karma.

with love …