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Countdown …

I have rescheduled my departure and am now leaving monday 24 october 1 PM. That is in 5 days. Or is it 6? Do I count today  and the departure day? Monday. Let’s say 6 days.

Yesterday I texted my tenant she can move in Saturday 22 oktober 2 PM. That is one of the big ones. Leaving my home. In a way it doesn’t feel like my home in that warm embracing way. All my personal items, the bits and pieces that show I am the one living there are packed and stashed in the storage room. Once again it strikes me how few belongings we really need. Why keep old t-shirts in the drawer if they are never used. Brita Hahne is running the swedish company SMPL on how to organize pretty much anything. Organizing your stuff also organizes your mind in a way.

All these tiny little things we save to remind us of people we love or places we visited. The precious pieces that makes us feel at home are the ones you can’t bring when traveling.

When backpacking and constantly moving from one place to another I found a technique to make myself at home as quickly as possible. Always arranging my personal belongings in the same position. The book, toothbrush, shampoo, my nighties … That gives a feeling of home even thought the surrounding looks different each day.

The second thing I do is to find a cafe or restaurant to which go at least once a day for the period of time I am staying. Usually I start by telling the owners that I just arrived, where I am from, complementing them on what a nice place this seem to be and that I consider making it my favorite place. Depending on their reaction and the food they serve, later I decide. Trust me, if I go back again they do remember  me. Having breakfast or coffee in this way is the ideal thing to do to make myself feel at home in a new city.

Makes me feel calm when thinking of being on the road.  Soon, very soon.


3 thoughts on “Countdown …

  1. Sounds like an awesome plan. I wish I was coming with you. Good luck.

  2. Thank you dear Key. You can tag along virtually or come and visit somewhere. Or I’ll come to the beautiful Zanzibar. All the best to you and your loved ones

  3. Uowww… Two days from now… Good luck on your new journey!

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