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Travelers and Food …

Traveling is very much about talking to people. The other day I had a conversation on the topic tourist or traveler. Is there a difference and if there is, how do one define it.

At a first glance the locals propably wouldn’t see the difiirence between both. Foreigners with cameras wondering about. Or is it

  • Tourists stay at hotels and travelers in hostels.
  • Tourists carry a suitcase and travelers a backpack.
  • Tourists stay in the city and travelers go off the grid.

We were a group of five in varied ages and countries trying to see this from different angles. Trust me, these people were creative, they found a lot of different angles on this topic. But the one we all agreed on was …


Travelers eat pretty much anything they are served because food tells strories of the country they visit. Being open minded to the flavours the food brings is also a way of getting to know the customs And the way of living. Today, we sometimes seem to forget that there used to be hard times, food was scarce. That was a fact everywhere in the world. That is why we have different food cultures.

Travelers find the food stalls around the corner from where they are staying. Or the small restaurants emerging from peoples living rooms in the back alleys. And they get to eat the most authentic food they could ever dream of. Travelers hover enter restaurants that have these signs saying Authentic food.

Travellers very rarely get sick because of the food they eat. I have witnessed people using all sorts of techniques to prevent themselves from getting sick and without exception they all got sick. From drinking a whiskey shot every morning to using antibacterial hand gel. They still got sick. The best way to stay healthy is to eat food. Good food. Not processed food. Gut bacterias are inmortant and should be taken care of.

Travelers eat local breakfast. This one is the most tricky one. Humans don change habits easily. And breakfast is so much a feeling of home. If you ask people living abroad what they miss from home, most would say something about breakfast. Travelers have those cravings too but they don’t skip breakfast because they can’t have what they are used to.

Food and children are two  great ways connecting with the locals. Tell them their child is cute or show that you enjoy their food and they will remember you. You’ll even get to pay the local price.

Enjoy local food …