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I don’t get the Google love …


Ok, so I have posted 13 posts on this blog. I built it with WordPress and there are a lot of plugins and widgets you can add to customize your space. Which is a good thing of course. Well, you have seen and read some of my posts and you know what it looks like.

Anyway, I live quite a simple life. I don’t own a lot of things, my apartment is a rental one and small,  I try to be a good citizen, I recycle as much as possible, I try to be a good person and I sure try to watch my language. I am a good person. At least my mother would agree. But I hate commercials. There are some I have liked. Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s humoring us. Watch it with english subtitles.

So, back to this blog. I decided to use the plugin Google AdSense. A lot of blogs use   that plugin.  So for once I wanted to do as probably most bloggers. I never thought Google would object to my blog and its content but that is exactly what happened. The reasons for it made me a bit confused.

  • Make sure there are enough text on your page. /So I need to write more text. Probably doesn’t matter about what.
  • The content needs to contain whole sentences and paragraphs and not only headers. /I think there is a check on that.
  • Make sure your webpage is up and working /There is definitely a check on that.

So to me and you all reading this, I’m just saying, we are in big trouble. Because Google apparently can’t recognize either full sentences nor paragraphs. But don’t despair. This blog will live on without Google AdSenses.

Stay tuned.