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Being swept off …

Today is cloudy and cool. Just what I needed. Woke up early, had a shower and went for a walk. I passed the hip Bob Marley place, they were still sleeping, woke the dog outside the resort next door and continued towards next beach. I met fathers taking their children to school. Yes, only fathers. Every day the same thing. Most take their children on the motorbike but today I saw the father carrying his two children’s backpacks and the kids behind him like small ducklings.


There it is. On the sign is says The Beach. A few locals are awake, sweeping floors, clearing the beach, preparing to start a new day. I walk the beach back and forth and by the time I get back to where I started, breakfast is served to some sleepy tourists. I have coffee and enjoy the scenery.


My dearest friend and extra daughter Sara made a scared face and lifted a warning finger when I told her I was thinking of doing this journey. I get it, she loves me and wants me to be safe. I love  her and I sort of wanted her blessing. So we talked about it, she gave it a thought and finally told me I could go.

It is not an easy thing to part from people you love. It never is, no matter the circumstances. But some journeys has to be done.

And here I am now, as far away from elections, shootings and and danger one could ever get. Tranquility Beach.

So, what is it about this traveling thing that mesmerises us and that made humans cross oceans and climb mountains to get to places unknown. To me it’s about changing my perception of me and what’s important in my life. That is something I recognise in fellow travelers, in people brave enough to let go of the know, the ones who dare challenging themselves.

A dear friend sent me this quote from the Hobbit “it is a dangerous business going out of your front door , and stepping onto the road, if you don’t watch your step there is no telling where you may be swept off to”

In a year from now I will sum it up, see where I was swept off to.

Looking forward to being swept off …

With love