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Being patient …

How do you know when to move  on. When do you decide it is time to take the next step. These are very much universal queastions and can be applied to various situations.

Like when traveling, or in a relationships, friendships or when to stay with a job, buy a house. Life is about choices.

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine about knowing the difference between when to be patient and when to act. We pretty much agreed on that being patient is underrated. Especially in our fast society where the quick fixes are boosted, where money is sought for so that we can buy our happiness and when experiences are dismissed in favour of quick traveling. So instead of being patient we tend to run around looking for ‘It’ we don’t see what is infront of us.

Being patient is also about finding content in what we have. There are so many things in life to be grateful for. The things you see while being patient. Iike when I transport myself from one location to another and I find myself waiting for 6 hours at an airport. One can either get very irritated and extremely frustrated or make the best out of the time. Or when being caught  in traffic jams. You can either get very upset, shouting and cursing, or turn on the radio and enjoy your favourite song. Either way you will reach your destination at the same time.

Sometimes being patient is the most stupid thing you can do. Like when you love someone and you are being patient waiting for that person to change. Being patient over things you can not control is not good for your health. That’s when one needs to move on. To take one step in a direction of your choosing and move on.

My filosofy is Either you accept the situation and make peace with it or you deal with it and make a change. And of course these things take time. Remember, there are no quick fixes.

Moving on is also about not fooling yourself to think that things stay the same for ever. Nothing stays the same. Everything and everyone changes.

We can control the changes but not the outcome of them.

So why am I writing about this, this second day of the new year. The past two weeks I have spent with a new set of friends. I have never ever seen such generosity previously. They have stretched themselves to make my stay more than memorable. We have had tons of interesting conversations about life here and there, differences between countries and about the love for people you meet along the way.

When we find a person we love we instinctively want to hold on to that person. But sometimes the best way to show love is to let go. Be happy for the time we had. My new friends have found  themselves a special place in my heart and we will probably meet again. But it is time to move on.

I must have been very patient in my life since I have been rewarded with this  experience.


2 thoughts on “Being patient …

  1. You Will be out for 365 days so hit The road again ? The World are waiting for you❤️

  2. Onward my friend, onward …

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