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Being content attitude …

Constantly there are choices that has to be taken into consideration and every day we have to make decisions that affects our day.

One of the good things with traveling on a budget for a longer period of time is that you have to practice this decision making. Life is never about having it all. And when you don’t have the money to even think that thought, that is when you have to start making the decisions of good enough.

That is when good enough gives contentment.

A few weeks ago I was sitting outside my hostel somewhere in Indonesia. A group of four was passing by reading the signs what the different hostels was offering. Indonesian bathrooms only have cold water. Hot water is what tourists require so some hostels have hot water showers. Indonesia is also very hot so some hostels have air conditioners. Therefore hostels have these signs telling which facilities they have. So, when this group of four passed by, I heard this young man say

If I have to choose, I would choose hot shower over air conditioner.

They continued walking the street in their search for a hostel with hot shower.

I never tough about these tiny decisions we make, and how they affect us. And how we let them affect us. Am I content with my choise I will most probably enjoy it more than if I am reluctant to. It is an attitude towards the decisions we make.

My guess is that the guy choosing the hot shower probably enjoyed it tremendously. And he was most probably very happy for having a hot shower and a fan instead of unhappy for not having an air conditioner.

Good enough choices suddenly becomes the best choices. Being content is about attitude.


Being content makes life easier, nicer and more fun. It is about being content with the little things in life. Having an interesting conversation, enjoying the rays of sun or having a hot shower. Sometimes even being a bit grateful.

Good enough is good.