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Being bold …

I have to tell you what happened a week ago when I was in Ubud.

You know it by now, sorry to repeat myself,  but since I left 24th october I have met a lot of co-traveler, and we have shared many stories. Some are good fun and some are scary.

Like the one this guy who had been to North Korea told me.  He needed to have a haircut so he went to the barber. He was shown to a chair, had that cape put on him and then the barber asked him which style haircut he wanted while gesturing with his hand towards 7 photos on the wall. We all laughed when we heard that but inside me I felt a freezing fright. I don’t have that many hang ups but I don’t let anybody cut my hair.

Back home I have my beautiful Sara who has, not always agreed on how to, but always made me feel gorgeous every time I stepped out of her salon.

I even brought my own pair of scissors so I coul do it myself. But then I thought,  that’s silly, I could treat myself with a haircut at a salon. Do it Madlén, don’t be a coward.

Ok, so I went across the street, looked at the girls outside the beauty parlour, took a deep breath and asked if they had a hairdresser. Oh, yes, indeed, please come in and have a seat.

And this young man comes to me, looking a bit as if I was going to eat him for dinner, puts that cape on me and asks what stil I want.

That is when I got a bit cold and remembered the story my friend had told me. I could imagine the photos on the wall and I had to chose one.  But I pulled myself together and told him.

I don’t want you to cut anything on the sides. At the back I want it a bit shorter, showing him with my hands.

The first time he put the comb in my hair, lifted part of the hair  and held it between his fingers, that was when I realised.

He had only seen this be done on Youtube.

He started by cutting the hair on my left side, then a bit on the top, then again o the left side, a bit at the front, back to the left side, and nothing at the back.

So I told him I was very very content with the result, he showed me the back with a mirror pointing at the back of my head, I smiled, nodded and once again assured him that this was quite enough. I payed and tried to walk calmly out of the salon.

So yesterday, late afternoon, I fixed my hair in the bathroom. With my own pair of sissors. I once again I recognised the face in the mirror. Now I’m good to go for another month.

Happy days