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All the good …

When I thought about doing this journey I remember deciding not to plan ahead where to go. The plan was to go places that seemed interesting or that drew me to them for reasons i would find out on the go. Deep down in my heart, when I think of the world and of people inhabiting it, I believe there is good. I truly do. Sometimes I let myself live in that illusion. That was the reason why  I decided not to plan further than one destination at a time.

For the same reason I carried the illusion that I would be able to travel everywhere I wanted. Still because of the same reason, people are good.

My second stop I woke up from that dream and started planing. So, you can’t always have what you want as they say. I knew that already, I didn’t think I was asking for much. I was just wishing for no planning. The Swedish Foreign Ministry has developed an app containing information about all the countries in the world. I started reading about the countries I am interested in visiting. That is no jolly reading. A lot of warnings and red triangles.

So this morning I had some planning time.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Koh Chang. I am not sure why I chose that Iceland. Roopal, whom I met at the airport, told me Koh Tao is exquisite, in other words probably very beautiful and very expensive. The lady at the front desk at the hostel recommended Koh Chang. I decided to listen to the local voice. I will stay there a fortnight, back to Bangkok for a night, fly to Kuala Lumpur, bus to Singapore and from there to Indonesia. Flights, buses and hostels are booked. The non planing goes down the drain.

Is that why humans tend to have a religion, to have something or someone to talk to  and pray about ones wishes, the future. Because not knowing is so unserten and doesn’t give a feeling of stability. By having someone to lean on mentally gives us some sort of balance, hope and belief of something good for tomorrow. The religion in the society I live in isn’t as present as the religion here. I stopped at the Pathum Wanaram Temple and watched the people for a while.  There is such stillness to it. And I lit a candle and thought of how my teacher Stig ends our Kum Nye sessions, by sending some good thoughts. It is optional who to sent it to. Some one in particular or to everyone in the whole world. I usually chose the latter.


I am not religious. I wonder if dogs are religious.

It is evening and raining again here in Bangkok. Today my Chinese roommates left, smiling faces, safe trip and take care, lovely meeting you. My new roommate is from Japan leaving for Rangoon early tomorrow morning. I have packed my things for the next leg on this journey. Looking forward to some serious relaxation with a lot of no planning.