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Age is a number …

When I decided to do this journey I kew I wanted to interact with locals as much as possible. What better way to do that but coutchsurfing or working wherever you go. There are two organisations I really liked, WWOOF and Workaway They are all about exchanging work for meals and accommodation. Of course that is also a way of keeping costs at a minimum for everyone.

So I registered at Workaway stating my particulars and some text about myself. Hello, my name is Madlén and I am 58 years old. I contacted around 10 hosts and most of them didn’t even bother replying.  One told me we are not a mach, as if I was asking him for marriage, another politely wrote me he would be away traveling the two weeks I would be in the area. Yea. Something is fishy about it if you ask me.


Yesterday when sharing  experiences with the german couple we talked about working on our trips. I told them above and asked if they think my age is the problem.  They told me not to be that honest about it,  that I should state a different age.

39, that would be more accurate to my  appearance they said. /they are 24 and 26

Yesterday I moved in to the place I’ll stay for the next two weeks. It has got a beautiful porch/dining area. People come for a drink and a bit of a rest. First I spoke to a couple of ladies from Caledonia  and later I had the privilege of meeting a couple from the French speaking Switzerland. We talked and we shared. A wonderful moment when you connect and it just feels good. Anyway, I told them the age story and asked the what age the thought I should state.

43, that would be more accurate to my appearance they said. /they are 68 and 71

I changed it to 45. Never thought it would be that easy to get younger.

With love