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Age is a mindset …

I recentrly turned 59.

Knowing who you are and accepting who you are makes life so much easier. Some people get that early in life, but for some it takes time to understand. That means age is just a number. But every society I have visited people tend to be ambivalent to age and how to deal with age. To their own and others age.

And I do admit I used to be that too. Guilty as charged.

I met a woman my age a couple of days ago and she was complaining that her skin on her arms were stretched from the time when she weighed more. It really troubled her. I have that too, I told her. But if people around me care more about that than caring about my personality then I can live without them.

In most societies looks and appearances are being confused with being happy. Especially when it involves women. Physical aging is supposed to be hidden or fixed. Especially when it involves women.

Traveling the way I do means sharing accommodation with people I don’t know. There are very few travelers my age staying in dorms which means I meat and spend time with people younger than I am, having countless of conversations on age.

What we have agreed on is that we can all learn from each other because of the age difference. When the young don’t assume that the old don’t know about this or that and when the old don’t assume the young don’t know about other things. That is when the magic happens.

I just had a conversation with a co-traveller, the topic being traveling in India. Have you gone by train here, I ask him. No, he hasn’t yet. Tonight he will, AC standard. I tell him to try the sleeper. Instead of AC there are fans. And one gets the opportunity to travel with locals, experiencing some of this country’s personality. No, he says, I’m old you know.

I look at him and I see a fit mature man. There is nothing in his physique that would prevent him from the experience. He is almost 50 he says.

It is not about age but about the mindset. Dagny, being the oldest blogger in the world at the age of 106, knows that.

Age is a mindset.



2 thoughts on “Age is a mindset …

  1. So true!! Age is à mindset! Its yours beliefs that’s matter. What you want and what you want to learn.

  2. Indeed true Katrin. It is all in our heads. ❤️

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