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After grief comes hope …

Yesterday I wrote a very long post about grief. I was not sad but more like frozen. As in disbelief.

I never thought the outcome of any election would affect me this way. Frozen. I think last time I felt this frozenness was when I found out my ex-husband was cheating on me. Yesterday was bad. And I know I wasn’t alone in that feeling of being trapped into a corner, not knowing if there is a way out.

So you grief for a while, you mourn the hopes, dreams, expectations and promises that never happened, never came to life. And then something happens within you.

You feel the strength rising within you. A strength built on the realisation that there is a tomorrow, and that tomorrow is about what I make it. Laying down and dying is not an option. The only way to choose is the one where you make something out of your own tomorrow.

Yesterday’s disappointment can be the start to something good. It is up to me on the personal level, it is up to us how we shape our tomorrow on a higher level. Hope gives strength. Strength is empowering.

There is a tomorrow.