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Adventures starts where plans ends …

The adventure starts where your plan ends.

I received this line from a very wise young woman I know. I had just told her about my journey from Hanoi to Mui Ne.

When I stayed in Hanoi I had to change accomodation twice.  That means I stayed at 3 different hostels during 9 days. It wasn’t my choise movin. First place the bathroom was so moldy They had to close the dorm. Secon place had no door handles on the inside bathrooms and toilet so I ended up being locked in. Third place I stayed without anything happened. Hanoi me an accomodation adventure.

So I decided to find a beach down south and thought Mui Ne could be that place. Talked to the receptionist and she told me train would be a hustle. Furthermore I would have to go 35 kilometres from train station to hostel in Mui Ne. Bus would be easier she said. Ok, lets go for the bus. She booked and I payed. Easy. She also told me it would take two nights and one day to get there. Here is what really happened.

I got on the bus, a sleeper, and made myself comfortable. It really was comfortable. We were off and I did as I always do when I know the ride is going to be long. I get music in my ears and I go to sleep. Suddenly I was waken up told I had to get off. Turns out another bus company is taking over so we have to get another bus. Free transportation is arranged and we get to the bus office. We wait for a few hours and get on the second bus. Hours later I am awaken again told I have to get of to catch another bus. This time no transportations is arranged so a motorbike taxi takes me to the bus office. There I had to wait for 5 and a half hours before we get on next bus. And for the third time I am awaken told I have to get off. New bus station, new waiting, new bus to get on. Finally I get off in Mui Ne and I share a taxi with 2 german girls heading to the same hostel. What seemed to be an easy journey, the one I chose because it would be most comfortable one turned out to be the most challenging.

44 hours and 4 busses.

Not having control.

That is one of the things about traveling. Especially traveling on a budget. A lot of times you don’t have control. And trust me that is a good thing. It is a challange but rewarding. You learn how to cope in unpredicted situations. You learn that every problem has a solution and how resourceful we are if we let ourselves.

That is when you can stop planning and instead focus on the adventure. Ok, so I am on a special adventure now traveling for a longer period of time. But the adventure can actually take place in your every day life. Not planning for activities one day and decide what to do based on what you feel like doing that specific day. Or quitting the job you are miserable with without having a plan. Or taking the local transportation to the end station where you have never been before. Or  learning a hobby totally out of your comfort zone.

Your mind sets the limit. When we don’t let our fears and insecurity be our guides that is when the adventure starts.

I just talked to a woman my age traveling for 8 months. She told me her journey had taught her how indecisive she is. Realising that her focus on doing the right thing made her indecisive and therefor limited her. This is a paradox since we never can tell if a decision is the right one until afterwards. And even if we thought of every little detail we sometimes end up realising that decision wasn’t the best. But sometimes it is the best.

Not doing any planing is not realistic. But doing less planning and being more open to possibilities that might come our way is more rewarding.

The adventure starts where your plan ends.

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  1. That’s exactly what will be happening this month end. We plan the first night and book in advance, then if we like the hostel, we stay on. If not, we move and find better ones like the 6 dollar bed with a beach and swimming pool!

  2. I’m looking forward to our adventure Alex ?

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