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A reminder …

Traveling is many things. Apart from the obvious ones like exploring, sceneries, beauty, meeting people etc I have learned that there is one thing more important than anything else. Simple and applicable to not only travelers but also in everyday life at home.


Yesterday Fenja and I went snorkelling. Snorkelling is fun, beautiful and a way to socialise. It is nice. The guys told us we would be picked up at 8.30 am and be back at 6 pm. We got to the pier, got on the boat, mostly Indonesians which was nice, and off we were. First site was just outside the tiny little island Gelang palau and it was amazing. Everybody was happy, exzilirated, wowing and smiling.


Nex stop is for lunch on the island they said. Lovely, we were all starting to get hungry. We got there, went ashore and I had a walk. Beautiful scenery. Just like on a postcards or a commercial. White sand, palm trees, chrystal clear water … I returned to the camp, didn’t want to be late for lunch.

The guides were still on the same spot, no food, everything just as I left it. I talked to Fenja, any word on when or what, No, nothing. It’s 11.30 am. I go and talk to the guide. Yes, yes, they are preparing lunch, pointing at the back of the house, we will have lunch and leave at 2 pm.

This is when I realise that we are given the opportunity to do what these people are so good at.

Doing nothing.

Don’t take me wrong, they are extremely hardworking but they also know how to relax, socialise and make it through a hot day.

I find myself a hammock and reflect on this past month. The hardest thing hasn’t been about how to get from point A to point B, not about fixing practicalities or handling obstacles.


It is about staying in the present, being mindful, enjoying the moment. Constantly stopping the mind from wondering off to non productive thoughts, thinking of the next step of the way. Not planing.

In that moment I realise how lucky and privileged I am, having the opportunity to do this, to be here, having the time to do this thinking. I am grateful.

Lunch is simple and just delicious. I fight with the locals to get the last drops of the sambal, we joke, bond. Yet another memorable moment.


I have had beautiful moments with my co traveler Fenja. We constantly get the question wether I am her mother, we laugh and I say I would be honoured to have her as my daughter. She has helped me remember to be grateful for the little things. Her eyes sparkle with happiness and joy for all the beauty her eyes see, she is humble for the opportunity given to her and she expresses the happiness she feels. No to take things for granted but be happy for what you receive.


On our way back in the evening we sit at the prow and enjoy the special sunset light, bright and yet dark. Back at the hostel we all listen to music, play Jenga, just enjoying the moment. I move away a bit to watch, observe,to take it in.


Tomorrow we are leaving this beautiful island, Karimunjawa. Fenja heading for Jakarta, me for Bali. But now breakfast.


With love

2 thoughts on “A reminder …

  1. Hello Madlén

    Just letting you know that I, now and then, drop on your page and read about what is happening with you, around you …borrowing your words and looking at my present life. It gives a nice and different perspective.

    Happy for you and your journey

    Sending love


  2. Thank you Gilles, makes me happy knowing you are there, supporting me. Hope you are well!!!!

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