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A helping hand …

Throughout the months I’ve been traveling I have met a bunch of digital nomads. Or at least nomads. It is always interesting talking to people who doesn’t live their lives in the box. Well, they do sort of, but they shaped their own box. I think I always have something to learn so I’m always very inquisitive of their way of living.

Questions asked are interesting but the answer received are even more interesting. Sometimes the things not said are even more interesting. One thing leads to another, I attend a webinar, I listen to a true digital nomad, Anna Åberg, and my curiosity is awakened. If I click here or do this I will get a free hour of guidance into my future digital life.

This is when I get in touch with Frida Kabo for the free coaching session. I’m not sure what to expect or what I want to get out of that session when we start. Frida does her thing in her calm and methodical way. And she does it well. I listen to her questions and I realise she is asking me things I never reflected upon. But all these questions opens up a new horizon, new possibilities, new thoughts in my head to process.

I realised that one of the things that gives me most pleasure is when I see people, with a little touch here and a little push there, realise they can fly on their own.

Helping someone else is not about making that person dependent on you. On the contrary, it is about helping them to get the confidence to go out there and do their own thing. That means you have to put yourself into the other persons perspective. It’s about their dreams, their needs, their life. Helpers often mix their own needs with the other persons needs.

In my early teens I went abroad for the first time with George, a friend of the family.  We were cruising in his car through Europe towards Avignon, France. Since that is many years ago you have to imagine that in these days postcards were sent to family and friends. I had my postcards ready and just needed the stamps. So he stops infront of the post office and makes me go there, on myown, to buy stamps even though I didn’t speak the language. Let me tell you, at that moment I truly hated him. But he taught me one lesson that has helped me throughout my life.

If you wait for other people to make you happy you will probably have to wait a very long time. The power lies within ourselves. Sometimes we need a helping hand to point out the direction,  a shoulder to lean on when tired or an ear that listens to our sorrows. A simple hug can make the difference. But it is all about finding your own power and strength. Because you can and because it is so rewarding.

Every now and then I get a message from people telling me they learned how to fly on their own. Or at least found their power to walk their path. That I somehow contributed to that.

It makes me happy.


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  1. Such wise words! <3

  2. Thank you Michelle!!!! All the best to you ???

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