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A full time Auntie …

I just figured it out. My future career.

We, us, people. We are so alike. Where ever I have been we always try to identify who that other person in front of us is. So we ask all these question to put that person in a box. And mainly there are two boxes.

Friend or foe.

And depending on who I am, I will ask my set of questions. But most people start with the most obvious ones.

Origin, age, marital status, occupation.

When I am asked about my occupation, now when traveling, I always get a bit hesitant. It is of course about what is paying my bills. So when I quit my job to travel I resigned from that career ladder. I don’t have an occupation. Not now, but I eventually will have to get myself some sort of job. Ive got some more years until retirement and I will have to make sure I can pay my future bills.

Most of the time I stay in hostels. I love the concept. It fits my budget, it is a very social place where I meet likeminded people, we share travel experiences and most of all we share life experiences.

Rarely I meet single travellers my age staying in hostels. With age a lot of people become very comfortable and not very adaptable to new routines. So they tend to stay in hotels or guest houses. Fair enough, I get that.

So I get the privilege of meeting a lot of young people. I love it, they are so inspiring. All the new thoughts, the lust for life, the hunger for knowledge.. They have a hunger and they have new inspiring thoughts. Many of them also have a wisdom one wouldn’t expect from young people.

And they have a lot of unanswered questions.

When you live a long life you sort of collect experiences to add to your thoughts, you collect perspectives. Having lived a life doesn’t mean you have all the answers. I think the longer I live the more questions I have.

Having conversations with these young women and men is inspirational to me.

I decided to stay in Rishikesh for a while, to have a rest and to get the dust off my clothes. Every morning I get up around 6 am, I make myself a cup of coffee, sit outside and enjoy the morning coolness, say good morning to people coming or going. Some stay, sit beside me and we talk. During the day some seek me up, ask me questions and share. They ask if we can go have chai, we walk, we sit, we talk.

Being in a relationship
Being divorced
Purpose of life

These are big questions. I don’t have the answers. How could I. How could anyone.

But what I do is listen. I hear where their doubts are and I gently direct them with a question or I tell them a fraction of my life and experience. They give it a thought, they reflect, we part, we meet again and we talk again.

In India there is this Autie concept. An elderly woman young young people turn to for life guidance and advice.

This morning I realised that could be my future career, my future occupation. I can easily see myself sitting in the common at area at a hostel talking to young travellers. Listening to their stories, hopes, dreams, questions and answers.

A full time Auntie.