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Being serious …

I met a friend for coffee today. She is actually a new acquaintance but it feels like I have known her for ages.

Se we met up, had a coffee, talked about a lot of different things, it turns out she is good at the written words, I don’t consider myself being that, she is well read,  so I asked her. What’s your opinion on my blog?

It has a serious tone to it she says. Serious in a good or bad way I ask her. In a good way she says, it feels honest. She must be a copy cat since I got that comment from another friend the other day.

Being serious has a dull and boring aura. Serious as in not funny, no humour, no laughter. That is not who I am.  But what I am to do has actually a serious tone to it.

Like every change you decide to do in your life. Like leaving an abusive relationship, quitting  a job, divorcing, deciding to have a child or what ever change you decide to make in your life. It has a serious tone.

The great thing with changes is that they are so rewarding.

Life is a journey. A journey includes changes. Enjoy the changes in your life. They are the ones to shape you. Most probably for the better.

There we go again. Me being serious but very honest. Hold on dear readers, all the fun begins on Monday.

1 thought on “Being serious …

  1. Yes… A lot of “Pasta English” after monday…

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